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Wednesday, October 02, 2002

Yup, it's been slow around here. Real life intervenes. Be patient...
Start career preparation earlier, says blogger Alan K. Henderson:
The working world data in your post points to a change in education philosophy that desperately needs to take place. The current CW is that career planning starts in college. I've long felt that vocational education needs to start at 7th grade. Start by teaching them about the working world - what different businesses and different occupations do. At the same time, help them to discover their strengths. By their freshman year in high school they'll have a handle on what they can do best and what vocations offer the best opportunities to build their talents. High school can teach electives in practical skills like Oracle ad PowerPoint instead of Home Economics (do they still teach that?) or those incredibly inefficient foreign language courses.

School is supposed to prepare people for adulthood. Career is a vital aspect of adulthood; why should people start preparing for it after they've grown up?

Sandra Miesel writes:
I hear you're a great fan of THE MATRIX, which I finally saw yesterday. I doubt anybody has mentioned this, or for that matter I doubt the borrowing is direct, but the concept has amazing similarities to an SF novel of the '60s, Necromancer by Gordon R. Dickson. I say this as the world's greatest Dickson expert.

The "Irish Travellers" who used to be called "Tinkers" were also involved in the court case that softened Ireland's opposition to abortion. A 14-yr old girl raped by an older man she'd refused to marry got the right to go to England for an abortion., All parties were Travellers. These people are infamous in the US for their confidence games such as driveway sealing with worthless materials for high prices.

Back to their old tricks: Tali-whackers burn down a girls' school in Afghanistan.

Can't someone find some unused AKs for the women in that country?
Michael Ledeen names names: Rather than obsessing on Iraq, he says in this Jewish World Review article, look at what he calls the real "terror masters:" Iran, Iraq, Syria and Saudi Arabia.
As for Saudi Arabia, while there are certainly pro-western members of the royal family, this fossilised remnant of an outmoded medieval culture must stop funding the global organisation of radical mosques and religious schools in which the next generation of terrorists is being brainwashed and recruited. And the royal family must cease to support terrorist activities against their nominal friends in the west. It will probably be easier to convince them of the colossal error of their ways once we have shown our power and determination elsewhere in the region; and indeed they already seem to understand that they need to co-operate to escape a certain doom.